Why does my healing tattoo look blurry?

Why does my healing tattoo look blurry?

Some tattoo artists push too hard with their equipment or angle them incorrectly, causing tattoo ink to inadvertently penetrate deeper layers of your skin. Because this area of the skin has more fat, the ink spreads out and appears smeared. As a consequence, tattoo ink lines will seem hazy.

Healing tattoos appear as blurred lines due to the same issue that causes cloudy eyes from eye surgery or fluid buildup behind the lens of the eye. The tattooing process can penetrate beyond the first layer of skin, so there may be ink in deeper layers that is visible after healing.

There are two ways to fix a blurry tattoo: either have the line redrawn by a professional tattoo artist or treated by laser therapy. Both methods require multiple visits to the tattoo parlor for extensive work. With time, your tattoo will heal up and no longer appear blurry.

What does tattoo trauma look like?

Tattoo blowouts, in all situations, cause the lines in your tattoo to blur, and the ink used to form the lines to migrate well outside their boundaries. The ink in your tattoo may appear to be seeping outward, giving your tattoo a smeared appearance. This usually happens when you get new ink or when you re-ink a tattoo that was done using dry pigment.

The skin around a tattoo that has been blown out can be red and swollen, much like if you had a sunburn but on a larger scale. You should never pick at a tattoo that has been blown out because this will only lead to more damage being done to it over time.

Tattoo blowouts can happen for many different reasons. If you are using an electric needle, this can easily cause damage to your tattoo by heating up the surrounding area of skin. This can cause the ink to smear further away from where it originally came off the paper, so make sure that you don't use an electric needle when re-inking or adding details to an existing tattoo.

You should also avoid scratching or picking at a tattoo that has been blown out because this will only cause more problems down the road. Instead, try to keep any loose hairs away from the tattoo while it's healing to help prevent further injury to it.

Can you fix a blurry tattoo?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cure a blurry tattoo without touching it up or covering it up. If you're stuck with a tattoo that's stretched or blurry, your only choice is to cover it up and start again.

What does a blown-out tattoo look like?

Tattoo blowouts may take many various shapes and can be either subtle or quite visible. However, in most circumstances, a blowout causes the damaged areas or lines on a tattoo to seem blurred and streaky, and the ink frequently spreads to an area outside of the planned boundary.

The root cause of a tattoo blowout is usually poor skin quality and/or a lack of proper aftercare treatment. If you're looking at a piece of work that has several blowouts, it's likely that the artist didn't pay much attention to detail during the process. This might not be apparent until later, when you notice hair sticking out from beneath the skin.

Also, if the tattoo was done in thick black lines without any blending of colors, then it's very possible that some of the pigment might have migrated under the skin after being applied. This could also cause problems later if there's enough of it to be seen with the naked eye. Finally, if the tattooer used cheap materials for their tool set, then they might not hold up well over time. Blowouts are probably going to happen regardless, but using low-quality equipment will only make the problem worse.

There are two types of tattoo blowouts: internal and external. With internal blowouts, the damaged area is actually part of the tattoo design.

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