What were some of the main differences between medieval and Renaissance scholars?

What were some of the main differences between medieval and Renaissance scholars?

Humanism is also reflected in Renaissance art. While medieval art was intended to impart a lesson, maybe a biblical tale, Renaissance art emphasized the humanity of the people depicted. During the Middle Ages, sculptures of saints tended to be unnaturally shaped. Michelangelo's David, on the other hand, looks to be alive. It has pores that breathe, and its muscles are visible through its skin.

Renaissance philosophers such as Descartes and Galileo turned away from the mystical ideas of the ancients in favor of studying nature's laws based on evidence obtained through experimentation. They believed that science was the only way forward for mankind.

Medieval scholars were most likely burned at the stake if they were heretics. But because they were not considered human any more than an animal, there was no need to burn them. Their bones remain in churchyards all over Europe to this day.

In conclusion, medieval scholars were mostly priests while Renaissance scholars were mostly philosophers.

How was the Renaissance community different from the medieval community?

The medieval period was defined by the concept of community. It has pores that appear to breathe, and it has muscles that can be seen under its skin.

Renaissance artists were interested in depicting the human form with realism. Sculptors such as Donatello learned about anatomy from dissection, so they could create figures that looked real.

In addition, during the Middle Ages, music was used to accompany readings from the Bible or other religious texts. Music had been neglected during the Renaissance, but it eventually came back in fashion. Composers such as Monteverdi wrote operas that included musical instruments such as violins and viols.

What is the difference between Gothic and Renaissance architecture?

Gothic architecture originated in Europe around 1220. It was used for churches, but also for government buildings and castles. The style was based on pointed arches and vaults instead of squares and triangles. In France, Germany, and England, new cities were built in the Gothic style when they became capital cities. Paris was rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire in 1194, for example, and London was refounded following the conquest of 1066.

Which two areas of study were the focus of the Renaissance?

Classical and Renaissance art both emphasized human beauty and nature. Even in religious works, people were shown as living and displaying emotion. Paintings became increasingly three-dimensional and lifelike as perspective and light and shadow methods advanced. Music also played a role in the Renaissance. New instruments were invented, including the harpsichord and the violin.

Poetry also became popular during this time. Poets such as Petrarch and Chaucer focused on everyday life instead of myth or history. Their poems described love lost and found, battles, and royal marriages.

Science also became important during the Renaissance. Scientists such as Copernicus and Galileo published theories about the universe that conflicted with ideas put forth by Aristotle. They showed that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around as thought previously. This conflict between science and religion caused many problems for artists, poets, and scientists during this time.

Finally, philosophy also became important during the Renaissance. New philosophies were developed by thinkers such as Descartes, Kant, and Hegel. They all questioned traditional beliefs about the world and humanity's place in it.

Art, poetry, science, and philosophy all played roles in expanding people's knowledge about the world and themselves.

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