What was the moral of Marriage a-la-Mode??

What was the moral of Marriage a-la-Mode??

Marriage A-la-Mode is a set of six paintings by William Hogarth produced between 1743 and 1745 as a scathing satire of 18th-century society. They satirize patronage and aesthetics while depicting the tragic consequences of an ill-considered marriage for money or social position. The pictures are based on actual marriages that took place around London at the time they were painted.

Hogarth's father, who had become wealthy from his trade as a glover, hired out rooms in their home as dining rooms. When this proved insufficient to accommodate all their friends, the Hoggarts bought an estate near London called Chiswick where they could entertain more easily. Here Hogarth grew up surrounded by wealth and privilege but also violence and crime. He learned to be honest and hardworking from an early age and always felt responsible for those less fortunate than himself. When he was only twenty years old, Hogarth traveled to France where he became interested in art. He returned to England and soon became one of the most popular printmakers of all time. Married Women with Their Heads shaved...

...Women Fashioning Their Hair is one of six satirical paintings by William Hogarth called Marriage A-la-Mode. It dates from 1743–45 and is one of the first English paintings to show the effect of cold water on freshly washed hair. The woman in the painting is wearing her hair in a large rolled wig which is probably made of human hair.

Who commissioned Marriage a-la-Mode??

Mary Edwards, who commissioned the paintings, is said to have offered ideas concerning the theme and the important persons who might be satirized. From this approved contract, the next five paintings in Marriage A-la-Mode lead to the murder of the Earl's son and the suicide of the merchant's daughter. These are: The Four Sisters (1649), The Death of Lord William Howard (1650), The Death of Lady Margaret Hamilton (1651), The Death of Sir George Yeardley (1652), and The Death of Charles I (1653). Mary also suggested some of the figures for these pictures.

She had married a wealthy London merchant named Nicholas Vauclreux and together they had one son who died young. This led to several of Mary's paintings on the subject of marriage and death. She was probably given permission by her husband's family to express their feelings about the earl in a similar way. He was often called "The Mad Earl" because of his violent behavior and many crimes against others. He had been imprisoned several times for assaulting people who had offended him and had even killed one man in a duel. When he got out of prison, he continued to be abusive and threatening toward those who opposed him or anyone who showed kindness to his victims.

After the death of its owner, the fourth painting in Marriage A-la-Mode led to its being sold at auction.

Where is Marriage a-la-Mode set in?


Full titleMarriage A-la-Mode: 1, The Marriage Settlement
Inscription summaryInscribed
Acquisition creditBought, 1824
Inventory numberNG113
LocationRoom 35

What is the moral of marriage being a private affair?

The title of Achebe's "Marriage is a Private Affair" very well sums up the concept of the book. It is about unconditional love in marriage and how it is up to the two persons involved to decide on it. It provides a moral lesson on the importance of love over tradition and regular procedure. Love is important in any relationship, but it is especially crucial in marriage where feelings are shared and there should be nothing that could ever come between them.

Achebe uses his experience as an illustration of this theory and how it applies to real life. When he was young, his father abandoned their family, leaving Achebe's mother to raise him alone. Since she had no other means of support, she went to her husband every day to work. This left Achebe with only her love to rely on for comfort and security. He notes that although their situation was bad, it wasn't so bad that there was no way out. His mother did everything she could to make sure her son had food on the table and a place to stay. She even took in boarders when needed to earn some extra money.

Thus, love is powerful enough to overcome any obstacle if both parties want it to be true. No matter how bad things may seem to be right now, there is always hope for the future. No matter how far apart two people may be, they can still feel love from afar and know that one day they will be together again.

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