What to do when you find a painted rock?

What to do when you find a painted rock?

The goal is to snap an image of the rock where you discovered it, publish it on social media with the hashtag, and then re-hide it in a different spot so that the person who concealed it in the first place can track its trip.

Once the hunt is over, search Twitter for the #paintedrock tag to see what others have found.

People often ask me how they can get involved in this game. Well, you can't really "get involved" in the finding part of the game, but you should try to hide some of your own rocks when you go on adventures!

It's also fun to search online for hidden rocks that other people have hidden. You can do this by using the #hiddenrock tag on social media or by searching online for "hidden rocks".

If you manage to find a secret hiding place for a rock that others will later find, you get to watch them discover it on camera and let out a small sigh of relief because now you know that no one is looking under your bed.

Why do people paint and hide rocks?

The concept is straightforward. People paint pebbles in bright colors or with brief inscriptions and conceal them—preferably in plain sight—so that others may locate them. The person who discovers the rock can photograph it or take a picture with it and upload it to one of the Facebook sites. In this way, individuals discover new places around the world.

People paint rocks for many reasons. Some people paint rocks as a hobby; others donate them to charity after they have been used as markers on hiking trails. Still others display their art by hanging them from their car doors, on the roofs of their homes, or inside their cabins.

Rocks with images on them are popular gifts for holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. They make excellent favors for parties, too. If you ask me, some of the best party favors there are!

People also paint rocks as a way to express themselves. Artists use their time wisely by choosing precise details and focusing on a specific area of the rock with attention-getting colors. They create works of art that others will enjoy discovering.

Finally, people paint rocks because it's fun. They add a bit of creativity to their daily lives and offer an opportunity for social interaction with friends and strangers alike.

There are many reasons why people paint and hide rocks.

Are you supposed to pick up painted rocks?

You can either take this rock home, conceal it where you found it, or relocate it for the benefit of others. In general, if you discover a rock on its own, you CAN keep it, but the expectation is that you will either re-hide it or enjoy it at home for a little time before re-hiding it for someone else.

If you find one that's been painted with paint stains all over it, don't worry about those yet - just take it home and put it in a bowl of water. That'll wash off some of the dust too.

Once it's clean, go ahead and dry it off completely with your shirt, don't use paper towels or you'll have ruined them. Then check out which way it's facing. If it's north-facing, put it in a jar with a little pebble on top to keep it upright. Otherwise, it might get lost inside your house!

Finally, take a photo of it with your phone or capture something on video if you have an SD card lying around. That way you'll remember what color it was when you're putting together your list of wanted stones to buy/find/trade etc.

Good luck out there!

Is it OK to take painted rocks?

Some artists will note that it is OK to preserve or re-hide their work. This implies you have a choice! If you choose to conceal it, then be sure to use materials suitable for outdoor exposure, such as grass or dirt.

Painted rocks are easy to find in most areas where there are also fossils to be seen. They are usually white, but colored varieties do occur. The colors used by early artists were derived from natural materials available in the area, so they would likely not match any modern colorings. For example, some specimens may have been painted red, while others yellow or green.

It is estimated that there are about 1 million painted rocks in the United States. They are popular with hikers because they are easy to spot from above ground and below too. Hikers have also discovered that painted rocks are an excellent way to attract attention when looking for other signs of ancient life.

There are several theories about how people came up with the idea of painting on rocks. One theory is that they were done as part of religious ceremonies. It is thought that some tribes placed rocks with symbols on them in sacred spots as a way of worshiping the earth.

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