What is a spilar?

What is a spilar?

/'spaIr. @l/a form composed of curves, each one higher or broader than the one before it: The spiral form of a corkscrew. Also: A helix created by twisting a thread or wire around its axis.

The word "spiral" comes from the Greek word "speros," meaning "curved." So, a spiral is a curved line. But what kind of curve? There are many kinds of curves used in mathematics and science to describe various phenomena in the real world. Some of the most common include circular, elliptical, parabolic, hyperbolic, and more.

As you might expect from its name, a circle is the most familiar shape used to describe a spiral. It's easy to draw circles with a compass or straightedge and nail them down with pegs to use as knitting needles. Or you can buy pre-made plastic knitting needles today that have been coated with synthetic resin to prevent them from bending.

An ellipse is a shape that results when you rotate a circle around an axis other than its center. If you drew an ellipse on paper, you could get some idea of how large things would need to be in order for it to look like something found in nature.

What does "spoll" mean?

(First of two entries.) 1: a cylindrical device with a rim or ridge at either end and an axial hole for a pin or spindle, around which material (such as thread, wire, or tape) is wound The quantity of material coiled on a spool or the amount of material wound on a spool.

2: a short question to determine how much information someone wants or needs to process

3: an examination conducted by voting on selected candidates or positions

4: an informal survey of opinion or activity

5: an inquiry or investigation as to what has happened in the past or present

6: a piece of writing that gives a summary of facts or opinions.

7: a contest or struggle between two groups or sides for supremacy

8: an agreement or contract between two parties

9: a formal inquiry before a committee or body

10: a number of people who agree to share information about their activities

11: something that causes damage or loss; casualty

12: a large spinning metal disk used for printing paper money

13: a machine that rolls up web materials such as cloth and wire into balls

14: a small cannon used for shooting grapeshot

15: a tool used for cutting threads

What does "pendent sprinkler" mean?

A sprinkler system What exactly is a dangling sprinkler head? A pendent (sometimes written "pendant") fire sprinkler hangs from above-ceiling pipes and uses a convex deflector to disperse water in a domed or conical pattern. The term "dangling" refers to the fact that the sprinkler head is not attached to a wall or other permanent structure. It can be suspended by wires, cables, or chains from a pipe located either within the ceiling cavity or outside the building on a pole or wall bracket.

The purpose of a pendent sprinkler head is to provide even distribution of water over an extensive area. This is necessary for large open rooms where there are no walls to help contain the spread of fire or smoke. Pendent heads cannot spray in a narrow direction, so they must be spaced closely together to cover a wide range. They also tend to throw out more water farther from their source than fixed heads, so multiple units may be needed in large rooms.

Fixed (or installed) sprinklers supply water only to those locations designated by the builder during construction. They are connected directly to the water supply line before it enters the building and cannot be moved once they have been wired into place. Fixed heads may be ordinary spouts with holes drilled at different angles to produce a uniform spray, or they may be special types designed to function under certain conditions.

What does "Speidel" mean?

From Middle High German spidel, which means "wooden wedge" or "peg," and was presumably used figuratively as a nickname for an unrefined or rough-and-ready individual. The name comes from the first name of a medieval merchant family in Leipzig who were known for their trade dealings with Germany and France.

What is the antonym of "splint"?

'splInt' refers to a thin sliver of wood. Synonyms include shaving sliver and paring. Antonyms The right rotor irritates me. I don't like his splintering voice.

'splInt' is a common word that you might want to know if you write or speak English as a second language. It's also one of those words that doesn't have an obvious translation into other languages. 'Shaving' sounds similar, but'shaving' means using a razor not slicing with a wood block. Similarly, 'peeling' vegetables means removing their skin, but 'peeling' someone's cheek means making a cut in it. Finally,'splintering' sounds similar to'splintered', but they have different meanings. 'Splinter' means to break up into small pieces, while'splintered' means covered in tiny cuts. So, when speaking or writing English as a second language, be careful not to use these words interchangeably.

Why is it called a spline?

Splines are named from the flexible spline devices used by shipbuilders and draftsmen to sketch smooth forms. The first spline models were made of wood, but now they are mostly made of plastic or metal.

A spline is a piece of equipment used by drafters to create smooth curves on drawings or designs. A variety of shapes can be drawn using different numbers of splines. The more splines that are used, the smoother the curve will be.

There are two types of splines: straight and curved. Straight splines are perfect for drawing sharp corners while curved splines are better for creating rounded objects. Both types can be used to create semi-circles or partial circles.

The most common use for splines is in drafting equipment. They are also used by artists to draw freehand or when no other tool is available.

In mathematics, a spline is any function of degree 1 satisfying certain conditions; thus, a spline of degree 1 is just a line segment. As the name suggests, a spline of degree 2 is a curve composed of two line segments meeting at a right angle.

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