What is a puppet show and where are they popular in India?

What is a puppet show and where are they popular in India?

Kathputli is the most prominent kind of Indian puppetry and is a string puppet theatre unique to Rajasthan, India. It uses cloth strings attached to a frame which controls the limbs and features of the puppet.

Kathputli characters tend to be very dark-skinned, have large eyes and often have teeth painted red to make them look more threatening. They usually have long hair that is either pulled back into a knot or left loose.

These puppets tell stories through scenes that are acted out on stage by several different puppeteers. Each scene lasts for about five minutes and tells a small story that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

People like to come together in groups to see kathputli performances because they are often based on mythological stories which people find interesting. These stories vary but some common themes include battles, songs and dances.

The first kathputli theater was built in 17th century Jaipur and today there are still many traditional theaters across Rajasthan performing daily at noon and in the evening. However, many of these theaters use electric lights instead of oil lamps which used to be used in original theaters.

Which state is famous for puppets?

Rajasthan, Orissa, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are among the states where this kind of puppetry has thrived. The traditional Rajasthani marionettes are called as Kathputli. In Odisha, they are called Jagannath puja keertan. In Karnataka, they are called Kerepa Tuluva or simply Tuluva. And in Tamil Nadu, they are called Puthukkalai Velan or simply Velan.

This form of puppetry is said to have originated in India around 700 AD. It later spread to China, Japan, Indonesia, and South America.

In China, it was known as shenmo (神曲) and yumiao (玉蠔). In Japan, it was called kagura and San-mon respectively. In Indonesia, it's called oei and in Brazil it's called tiqueti-guará.

Indian puppeteers use wood, cloth, and animal skin for their instruments. They also use music to enhance their performances.

Kathputli are used during festivals such as Holi and Dashain. These dolls represent Hindu gods and goddesses and are made by artists living in Rajasthan.

Which is the best form of string puppetry in India?

String puppetry takes on numerous forms in different parts of the world. Rajasthani KATHAPUTLI performs historical romances, duels, conflicts, and dances in Rajasthan. In Karnataka, GOMBEYATTA plays Yakshagna characters. Huge lifelike puppets are linked to strings and performed at BOMMALATTAM, Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra's MALASUTRI BAHULYAN features dancing puppet gods.

In India, there are two main forms of string puppetry: KATHAPUTLI and GOMBEYATTA. Both forms were popular in ancient India and continue to be enjoyed today by local audiences in various forms throughout the country.

The Kathaputli performance usually includes songs, dramas, and dances that tell stories from the Indian epic Mahabharata. It is performed by one man using huge puppets carved out of wood, cloth, or metal. The puppeteer wears stylized makeup and dresses up as one of the many characters in the story. He links the puppets to his body with strings and moves them as he sings, acts out scenes, and beats drums to accompany the music.

The Gombeyatta performance consists of songs, dramas, and dances that tell stories from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is traditionally done by a single woman using large puppets made out of cloth or leather. The puppeteer wears elaborate costumes and makes up the faces of the characters.

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