What is handsome in Ilonggo?

What is handsome in Ilonggo?

Hiligaynon. Beautiful, beautiful, charming, agreeable, handsome, comely, fair, pretty, good-looking, goodly, wonderful, attractive, and prepossessing are some of the words used to describe an Ilonggo being handsome.

Ilongo people believe that beauty lies within as well as outside one's physical form. They also believe that beauty can be lost in much the same way as it can be gained, through exercise, for example. As such, Ilonggos do not feel the need to spend a lot of time or money trying to look good. Instead, they focus on what matters most: being honest and truthful, and having good morals. Being handsome is only a byproduct of this overall quality construction.

There are several terms used to describe someone who is considered very beautiful.

What is another word for attractive?

What is another term for attractive?

good lookingnice-looking

What is a cute way to say "handsome"?


  1. Attractive.
  2. Bonny.
  3. Comely.
  4. Easy on the eyes.
  5. Fine-looking.
  6. Good-looking.
  7. Gorgeous.
  8. Handsome.

What facial features are attractive in Japan?

The Eight Japanese Beauty Standards

  1. LIGHT/WHITE SKIN. Ayase Haruka is seen as one of the most beautiful actresses/models in Japan.

What is the adverb for handsome?

Handsomely in a handsome way (nautical) with care, in a shipshape manner, and without undue hurry.

He arrived on horseback, handsomely dressed. = He came on his horse, dressed up nice.

They returned home, tired but happy. Their voyage had been successful, and they were both handsomely treated by their parents. = They returned home, tired but still happy, because the voyage was successful and they brought back money that allowed them to be well treated.

She was a beautiful bride, very fashionable. = She was a beautiful girl, who was also very fashionable.

His behavior was at first sight extremely handsome. = His behavior at first was very good-looking.

But as time went by, I began to find his manners not so handsome after all. = But later on, I realized he had some bad habits too, which made me stop liking him.

Have a beautiful day!

How do you say "beautiful" in Chavacano?

"Bonita/Bonito oste": "Bonita/Bonito oste": You are both attractive and attractive.

"Ella es hermosa y se ve hermosa": "She is beautiful and looks beautiful."

¿Qué dices cuando te saluda una chavaca? (What do you say when you meet a chavaca?) ¿Cuál es su nombre? (What is his name?) ¿Y tú que eres? (And you what are you?) ¿Naranja o pomelo? (Orange or grapefruit?)

La chavaca se enamora de ti. (The chavaca falls in love with you.)

Chavacas son palabras asiáticas que significan "hermano". En Latinoamérica, la gente usa la expresión "chavaca andradeña" para referirse a alguien que come madera de los árboles.

La chavaca es una palabra asiática que significa "hermano".

What is the adjective for handsome?

Possessing a beautiful, well-proportioned, and imposing aspect indicative of health and strength; attractive: a handsome man; a handsome lady. (of a guy) attractive, especially in terms of regular, pleasant, and well-defined features.

Handsome is one of those adjectives that seems to have no clear definition other than its presence on a person's face. While some people may find it difficult to come up with something else to describe someone who is handsome, we think they're just not trying hard enough.

There are many different types of beauty, but if you had to describe someone as handsome you would probably use this word to do so. Handsomeness is an innate quality of a person's face that makes them appear beautiful without any help from anyone else. Although people can try to look good by using makeup or clothes, the essence of beauty cannot be reproduced by anything materialistic. It is believed that Moses, Daniel, David, and Christopher Columbus were all very handsome men.

In English, there are four common words used to describe someone who is handsome: fair, freckled, hairy, and red. There are also several less common words, such as quaint, drab, dusky, and dull. Most of these words could also be used to describe women who are pretty, so they aren't specific to male beauty either.

What African name means "handsome"?

You might give your little monarch the name Hassian, which means "handsome." These names were also given to several other children around the world.

Hassan is a common Arabic name meaning "the handsome" or "the glorious". It was originally used as a surname for someone who was considered very beautiful or noble. Today it is used as a first name for males and a surname for females.

Hassan II was a Moroccan ruler who reigned from 1548 until his death in 1596. He was one of the most important political figures in the history of Morocco because he united all of the different provinces under his rule for the first time. He built many schools and hospitals throughout his country.

Hassan is also the English version of this name. It is used by people all over the world with either its male or female form.

Hassan has been listed as the 23rd most popular name of all time. It is derived from an Arab word for "handsome" and has been given to boys all over the world.

There are many variations of names that include the name Hassan.

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