What is blue-red?

What is blue-red?

If you're talking about pigments, which are certain sorts of materials that may be mixed, combining red and blue results in purple. However, if the focus is on the visible light spectrum, then mixing red and blue results in the color magenta. Magenta is not a pigment; rather, it's called a dye. It would take a material that filters out most of the red light to make red visible. The same thing happens with blue: Most of it is filtered out by any standard white sheet of paper.

The fact that we can see deep down into objects using red and blue lights suggests that they don't mix to make black. Rather, there must be other substances around that reflect one or both of these colors.

And indeed there are. Blackberries, for example, reflect very little red light but lots of blue. Fireworks emit mostly red light and look pinkish because they reflect some blue from the sky at times. If you were to mix equal amounts of red and blue light, you'd get gray. And that's what black is: pure gray, without any colors at all.

It might help to think of blue and red as opposite ends of the color wheel. Bright colors like red and yellow are high on the wheel while muted colors such as green and blue are low on the wheel. Mixing colors from different places on the wheel makes grays or even whites appear.

Why do red and blue make purple?

If the red and blue pigments have little or no yellow in them, the result is a vivid purple that may be moved to a more red-purple or more blue-purple by adding more or less of the red and blue pigments. You may still use the rose red and blend it with different blues to make purples. However, if the red and blue colors are very similar in terms of how much yellow they contain, then only small amounts of each will be needed to make the color purple.

Purples are made from mixing red and blue colors. Red contains a lot of orange in it and so has a bit more yellow than blue. Blue contains a lot of green in it and so has a bit less yellow than red. When you mix these two colors, they cancel out some of their differences and leave a color that's sort of an orangey red-blue.

There are many ways to describe colors. The best way is to compare them side by side with another color right next to it on the color wheel. For example, if you look at the color purple compared with red, you can see that it's a bit redder than that. If you keep comparing purples with other purples, you'll see that they're all different shades of one another. This shows that purples are blends of red and blue, with some of each color canceling out and some not.

What is blue mixed with yellow?

Green is created by combining blue and yellow pigments. Because blue and yellow paint both reflect middle (green-appearing) wavelengths, the combination appears green when blue and yellow paint are combined together. The same thing happens when red and yellow paint are combined; you get orange.

When blue and yellow paint are separated from each other, they remain colorless because no light can pass through them. However, when put together in a container with another item such as white or black, they begin to mix their colors. In this case, the blue pigment takes on a yellow color and the yellow pigment takes on a blue color. This process is called coloring.

The word "color" comes from the Latin word colorum which means "anything that causes a change of appearance." Colors affect our moods, emotions, and perceptions of reality. Some people think in terms of colors when trying to solve problems while others do not. Color psychology has been used for centuries by artists and designers to achieve certain effects. Modern psychologists also study colors' impact on humans.

Blue and yellow make a green color. If you were to mix any two colors - even if they aren't found in nature - then they could make another color. For example, if you mixed red with purple, you would get a dark brown color.

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