What is a 49-star flag worth?

What is a 49-star flag worth?

People stored them away in closets because they felt the short life would make them valuable, despite the fact that they were only manufactured for one year. On eBay, you may get one for around $50, depending on size and condition. They sell in groups of 100 for about $10,000.

In 1999, a U.S. flag with 48 stars and 1 star surrounded by a ring was sold at Sotheby's for $170,000. It was not until 2005 that another such flag came up for sale, this time priced at $500,000 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_priced_flags).

In 2014, a British flag with 49 stars was sold for £85,000 ($125,000). It was estimated to be worth between £30,000 and £40,000 ($48,750 and $62,500).

So, a single flag with 49 stars was valued between $250,000 and $500,000. There are only nine such flags in existence. One was destroyed after it was bought by an American collector in 1973. The other eight remain in storage or in public display across Europe.

Here are more details about these two flags: The first was sold by Sotheby's in New York City on May 18, 1999.

How much is a 22kt gold replica stamp worth?

Regardless of what you read on eBay, they are far from rare. The banks must accept them since the defacement was done legally by the US government. They are not valuable because there are only three in existence.

The American Bank Note Company produced the first $10 bill in 1869 and it was based on the work of American artist James B. Longacre. In 1990, an artist named Leonard Dittmann created a full-size replica of the Longacre bill. These bills are sold on eBay and other online auction sites for between $5,000 and $20,000.

In 1964, an Indian man called Raja Ram Mohan Roy accepted a challenge from Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alec Douglas-Home, to create the world's most beautiful bank note. He hired an artist named John George Waller to do the job. The result was the £10 note that was issued by the Royal Bengal Mint in 1969. These notes are very rare and can fetch up to $500,000 at auction.

In 1983, the United States issued a one-dollar bill featuring Benjamin Franklin. It was the first time in history that a portrait of a person had been used on a bank note.

How much is a vintage Michael Jordan card worth?

Those boxes, by the way, have been at the core of several remarkable discovery in recent years, with current values now exceeding $300,000 (original cost: around $15). Jordan's Fleer cards from 1987 and 1988 are also worth something. A single card from the series is estimated to be worth between $40,000 and $50,000.

A vintage Michael Jordan card is one that was printed before 1992-93 NBA season. These cards are extremely valuable because they have long since surpassed their original price. A card that has never been pulled from a pack can be considered rare and highly valued. Some people even collect them!

The first NBA basketball player card that was issued by the Topps company was of Michael Jordan. It was released in February of 1989. The card cost $5 then, which is equivalent to $55 today. It was called "The First Card You Can Get For Free".

After just one season, Topps decided to release another set of Michael Jordan cards. This time they were called "Fleer" cards after the company that produced them for Topps. These cards were very popular among young fans because they differed greatly from the original NBA cards in terms of design and color. In addition, some minor changes were made to the playing surface of the basketball to make it more child-friendly.

How much is a 1942 Mercury Head dime worth?

They are frequently distributed in the same manner as other extremely common Mercury dimes. Many 1942 Mercury dimes may be found by buyers of pre-1965 90% junk silver, as a well-worn silver dime is only worth its current silver melt value. Mercury dime prices in 1942.

IssueExtremely Fine-40Mint State-65

How much is a PSA 10 baseball card worth?

PSA 10 specimens of the Donruss card are valued around $50, making the highest grade leaf variant worth around three times as much. Another immediately identifiable collection, the 1987 Topps baseball cards, had woodgrain borders similar to the Topps cards from 1962. The set was released in October 1986 and sold for $9.95.

The set's popularity is reflected by its continuing value. A complete set of ten cards can be obtained for under $100 today if you search used bookstores and online auction sites.

Cards from this set can reach prices over $10,000 if they are in perfect condition. However, most fall between $500 and $1,500.

Also notable is the fact that every card in the set is autographed. Each player signs his name on a small white tag which reads "PSA 10." Signatures range from well-known players such as Mike Schmidt (PSA 10) to lesser-known ones such as Dave Roberts (PSA 9).

This set has great potential to increase in value over time. Cards from this set that remain in good condition will only increase in value as more famous players are added to the set in the future. For example, if Tony Gwynn's PSA 10 card is ever discovered it could be worth thousands of dollars.

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