What happened to Samuel, seventeen?

What happened to Samuel, seventeen?

He finished 18th on Produce 101 Season 2 as a 15-year-old finalist. He gained a lot of followers there and went on to make his solo debut soon after the program finished. Samuel started experiencing problems with his firm in 2019, and he ended up quitting and returning to California to live with his family.

In 2020, he released his first EP, which contained five songs that represented him well as a singer. His second EP is scheduled for release in the fall of 2021.


Samuel is one of the few remaining original contestants from Produce 101. He was born on January 4th, 1995 in New York City. He is Jewish and he has sung all his life. His parents are both doctors and they divorced when he was young. He has two brothers who are also musicians. His oldest brother Eli plays guitar and his other brother Jay plays drums.

Samuel's love for music started at an early age. When he was three years old, he watched Justin Bieber on TV and was instantly captivated by his voice. From then on, he wanted to be like him. At the age of six, he learned how to play guitar. Two years later, he began taking piano lessons. Then he met YG through his friend Eli and joined his team. After that, he stopped taking lessons for several years but recently resumed them once again.

What happened to Samuel in the Bible?

Despite the fact that Samuel died during Saul's years of chasing David, the humiliated king would encounter the ancient prophet again. When the king realized he couldn't communicate to God anymore—he had slain the priests, leaving just one, who was with David—he sought for a spiritist, a witch at Endor. There he found an old man who told him how to find Samuel. So Saul went to this woman at Endor and asked her if Samuel were still alive. She replied that she believed so but that he were often lost in prayer by the oak tree at Ramah. With this information, Saul set out to find Samuel.

When David became king, he ordered that all the servants of the priest Eli be put to death. The reason given was that they had been sacrificing Israelites as well as foreign gods before God. This act enraged Him and He abandoned David until He found another servant of Eli's named Mephibosheth. Using his royal power, David forced the elderly servant to take up a knife and cut off the right foot of every male in his household (except for Mephibosheth himself). Then David commanded that everyone else in the house be killed too, except for Mephibosheth, who would survive to serve him.

So you see, God uses even evil people for His purpose. He always knows what we need to learn from them, even if we don't understand it then.

How long did Samuel live?

The prophet Samuel (ca. 1056–1004 B.C.) was Israel's final judge and the first prophet after Moses. He established the monarchy by selecting and appointing Saul and David to be kings of Israel. Samuel was the son of Elkanah and Hannah, and he was born in the hill country of Ephraim at Ramathaim-Zophim.

Benjamin's Ramah

What was the purpose of writing 2 Samuel?

2 Samuel's activities span another 40 years. The date of writing would thus be after 960 B.C. First Samuel chronicles Israel's history in Canaan as it transitions from the authority of judges to being a cohesive country under kings. Second Samuel continues this history but focuses more on the sins of David and the efforts of his enemies to remove him from power.

By writing about these events after they occurred, the authors were able to show how God used them to accomplish His purposes in preserving Israel as a nation even after they fell into sin. Jesus said that "the prophets who wrote before me also saw these things" (Luke 21:27). He was not denying that he was the fulfillment of their prophecy but rather pointing out that they had also seen what would happen to Israel after they turned away from Him.

Writing during David's time provided an opportunity for the author(s) to explain why God had chosen him instead of any other candidate. The author(s) also wanted to show that despite David's many sins he remained Israel's king because God kept electing him to this position.

Finally, by writing during Solomon's time, the authors hoped to encourage the people of Judah to follow God's commands by pleading with them to repent and restore themselves to God's favor.

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