What animal is on the toonie?

What animal is on the toonie?

The 2-dollar coin, or "toonie," as Canadians call it, depicts an adult polar bear on an ice floe in early summer. Brent Townsend, a wildlife and landscape artist, created it. The design was selected in 1996 by a panel of judges including Al Gore, then the U.S. Senator from Tennessee.

Polar bears are known for their white coloration during winter when they absorb heat from the sun. As they approach freezing temperatures, the bears turn brown or black to avoid being seen by other animals. Polar bears are native to Arctic regions of the world but have been introduced to Greenland and parts of North America where there are no polar bears naturally occurring. In fact, Canadian authorities believe there are now more than 1,000 polar bears in the country.

On Canada's Atlantic coast, polar bears can be found in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. In the Pacific region, bears can be found in British Columbia and Alaska.

There are several species of bear in Canada. Black bears are common throughout most of the country except in coastal areas where they are replaced by grizzly bears. In fact, 95 percent of all bears in Canada are grizzlies. American black bears are also present in some areas of western Canada.

What kind of animal is Timmy the sheep?

Timmy is a white-fleeced sheep. His ears are long and droopy. He sometimes carries a plush bear around with him. His lunch box is blue and features a blue sheep motif. He enjoys electric shocks and apples are his favorite meal. Unless otherwise specified, community material is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Images and text are copyright of their respective owners, used here under license.

Timmy was born in Vermont and now lives in Oregon with his family. They eat lots of grasses and herbs but also enjoy some vegetables and fruit every now and then. Timmy has two sisters: Betty Lou and Suzy Sheep. Betty Lou is black and sells matches on the side of the road. Suzy is brown and works at the zoo as an animal trainer.

Betty Lou and Suzy have no human siblings but there are several other animals that live in the village of Bow Valley with them: Rover the dog, Olive the oleander tree, and Sven the snail. There are also many birds that live in Bow Valley including doves, finches, and a turkey vulture named Jeff who lives next door to the sheep.

One day when Timmy was just a little lamb he went to visit his friends down the road at the Bow Valley farm. It was a sunny day out and all the animals were outside playing together like usual. Then suddenly Betty Lou saw someone she didn't expect coming towards her house across the street: her father!

How is Lennie like an animal?

Lennie is instantly compared to an animal the first time we meet him: "... as he walked slowly, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws." p. 2 of Chapter 1. There will be numerous similar analogies throughout the story, as well as occasional comparisons to children and the mad.

Lennie is self-absorbed and irresponsible. He spends most of his time drinking and playing cards with his friends until the moment when they want something from him. Then he refuses or runs away. He also eats without thinking about it which makes him appear beast-like to Tom.

Although he doesn't like to admit it, Tom realizes that something is wrong with Lennie. When their father goes to jail, Tom decides to take care of his brother himself but this proves to be very difficult.

Lennie's main problem is that he lacks willpower which makes him easy to cheat out of his money by others. For example, when his friends offer him money for a game of poker, he accepts even though he knows he won't be able to resist them if he wants to keep the money.

Also, he isn't able to say no even when someone needs him to do something he doesn't want to do. For example, when Mr. McBride asks him to clean out his barn, Lennie feels obliged to do it because he needs the money.

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