For what act was Romeo banished?

For what act was Romeo banished?

Scene 3 of Act 3 Friar Lawrence tells him he is fortunate because the Prince has simply exiled him. Romeo says that banishment is a far harsher punishment than death since he will have to live, but without Juliet. The monk attempts to counsel Romeo, but the young man is so sad that he refuses. Then Friar Lawrence explains that the Prince wanted both of them dead, but now that Romeo has become famous, he can't do anything to him.

Romeo leaves the monastery and travels back home in Mantua. When he gets there, he finds that his family has abandoned him. His father has died and his mother wants to marry Paris even though she knows he is married. Romeo doesn't care about any of this stuff anymore, all he cares about is finding a way to die. He goes upstairs to his room where he finds a book called "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. Inside the book is a note from his teacher who has died too. The note says that when you are banished or your enemy closes in, go home. It's not easy, but it's the only way you can win.

So Romeo decides to go home because he believes that if his family needs him, then he must be important to someone. As he is leaving, he sees a group of people coming toward him down the street with lights under their arms. Suddenly, everyone stops and turns to look at him. It's the Lord and Lady Capulet with their children.

How does Romeo view banishment?

Friar Laurence informs Romeo that the Prince has condemned him to exile rather than execution. Romeo is sad because he sees banishment as a type of living death because it prevents him from being with Juliet. He says that he is glad for her sake that she did not see his grief when she left for Mantua.

He tells Friar Laurence that he is going to Mantua to fight Club Paris who claims Juliet as his prize. The Prince wants any man who attacks Romeo to meet him in single combat so that Romeo cannot kill him too.

Romeo vows to take revenge on Paris for ruining his life. He says that he will find a way to kill him even if it means killing everyone around him.

The play ends here but there are several sequels written by other people.

What did the prince say when he banished Romeo?

Friar Lawrence informs Romeo in Act III, Scene 3 that he has been exiled rather than sentenced to death for killing Tybalt. Romeo's first reaction is, "Ha, banishment? Be kind, say "death,"/for exile has far more fear in his eyes than death. / But I will wear out this prison so long/it will have no king to be banished from.

When told of the decree by Friar Lawrence, Romeo refuses to believe it. He asks for evidence, and when none is offered, calls it a "jest"/"some new offence hath spurred these jests/or else what lord/would banish him his own subject?" Romeo then vows to escape from prison if only to prove that he was wronged.

In Act IV, Scene 5, after hearing that Paris has banished him, Romeo cries out: "O world! O life! How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable/seems to me everything!" (IV.5.31-32). At the end of the scene, he writes a note explaining why he must die: "There's comfort in th'believeing that yon osprey/will carry my soul to her nest tonight."

The next we see of Romeo he is lying in a bed of ivy outside the palace wall, where he imagines that he sees Juliet coming to meet him.

Why does Friar Laurence tell Romeo he is going to banishment?

The Friar tries to reason with Romeo, but the youthful Romeo is inconsolable—"drunk on his own tears."

Friar Laurence: I am a friar of La Vernia in Englewood. We hear that you are sick and in need of care. If you are willing, we would be glad to provide it.

Romeo: I am not well. And if you were to come with me now, I fear that I might do something rash.

Friar Laurence: Do not worry about your health; eat what you want, sleep when you feel like it, take medicine when you need it. All we ask is that you allow yourself to be treated by us.

Romeo: I'm sorry, but I must refuse. Good-bye, then.

Friar Laurence: Wait!

Friar Laurence: If you should change your mind, here's my phone number.

Romeo: Thank you, Father.

How did Friar Laurence react to Romeo’s banishment?

Despite his words of encouragement, Romeo continues to moan that exile is a state close to death. Friar Laurence becomes enraged upon hearing this and accuses Romeo of being ungrateful. The Prince appears to have intervened on Romeo's side by substituting banishment for execution for his role in Tybalt's murder. However, it is not clear whether or not he will be allowed to return to Verona.

Friar Laurence decides to take action into his own hands and steal Romeo's body to bring him back to life. He manages to do so but realizes that he has only a few hours before the spell begins to fade. So, he sends Juliet out for food while he looks for a solution they can use together to save Romeo.

When she returns home, she finds her father asleep in a chair outside their room. She goes inside and wakes him up telling him that there is food waiting for them downstairs. As soon as the Prince learns that Romeo is alive, he has someone send word to a friend who works at a hospital where Romeo was taken after being healed by the Fairy Queen. The friend tells the Prince that there is no point in searching for Romeo because he is about to be executed at dawn.

Juliet tries to convince her father to go save Romeo but he refuses because he does not want to get himself killed. Then, she notices something strange about him: he is wearing her mother's ring.

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