Is it to dig and be dug in return?

Is it to dig and be dug in return?

Langston Hughes Quotes: As I live and learn, my motto is: Dig And Be Dug In Return. It's the only way forward for a black man in America. If you aren't digging up something, then someone else is digging up something that you are buried in.

All over the country, men are talking about "being dug in". They mean that they will stick at their jobs no matter what happens around them. They're saying that they're ready to fight to keep their homes, or go without food until they find another job. This is a good thing to do. It means that you are making yourself useful even if there is no hope of your being paid for it. That is the only way a black man in America can survive.

Being dug in is also a state of mind. It doesn't matter how poor you are if you don't think about money, you won't have any. But if you don't know where next month's rent is coming from, everything becomes pointless. Living on the edge of bankruptcy is not so bad if you believe that somewhere out there is a better place where things are more fun and valuable things cost less. Then you can start all over again.

What is the main idea of my motto as I live and learn, which isto dig and be dug in return?

Dig and you will be dug. Hughes is encouraging his readers to enjoy life to the fullest and reminding them to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Hughes wishes for people to enjoy their life rather than dwell on hatred or bigotry. He also uses this motto when he wants his readers to understand that even though he has come into money then others can too.

Here are some other ideas from my motto:

As I live and learn: This means that I am always trying to improve myself by learning new things and growing as a person. It also means that I do not stand still but move forward with life.

My motto is about living life to the full. You must remember that life is short so you should never waste it living off hatred or bigotry. You should use your time doing something interesting and fulfilling instead. Also, remember that even though you may come from poor family then that doesn't mean you have to stay that way.

Have fun and live life to the fullest! That is what my motto tells me to do.

What is the past tense of "digging"?

The past tense and past participle of dig is dug.

What does the slang term "dig" mean?

A "dig" is a caustic comment spoken informally. "Dig also has a slang connotation. It is used informally as a verb to signify "understand" or "take note of something," and it is also used extremely informally to indicate "to enjoy. " For example, if someone says they "dig" their teacher, they like him or her.

The word "dig" comes from the verb meaning "to seek out. " To "dig up" something is to search for it carefully, investigate its history thoroughly. For example, a person could say that they want to "dig up" some information about a topic.

"Digging" something up can also mean finding something unpleasant or disturbing. For example, someone might say that they want to "dig up" some bad news about a project or opportunity. The phrase comes from mining terminology. In modern usage, to "mine" something is to find it valuable; originally, to mine meant to search for minerals underground.

So, a dig means an informal comment or observation. A dig can be positive or negative. It can be used to express approval or enthusiasm, or it can be used to express disapproval or indifference.

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