Is TARDIS blue a colour?

Is TARDIS blue a colour?

"TARDIS blue" is a blue with a wide range of definition. It plainly implies "the color of the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS," as used in Day of the Moon. However, because the TARDIS has had various distinct hues of blue throughout the years, "TARDIS blue" is likely a relative phrase rather than a definite one.

Is the TARDIS red or blue?

The TARDIS is blue because it more efficiently absorbs red, yellow, and orange light, reflecting blue back to the observer. The inside of the TARDIS is also painted blue.

However, there are times when it isn't. The TARDIS has been white, silver, gold, and pink. It has even been red on several occasions (including the first episode).

In fact, there are only two colors the TARDIS never shows up: black and purple. Maybe it's because they're the same color...

The TARDIS has appeared in almost every television series produced by the BBC since its creation in 1963. However, not all episodes are equal. The TARDIS has a history of choosing certain humans to carry them around. Over time, these people have become known as "the Doctor". A list of all the Doctors can be found here:

Each Doctor has their own personality and traits. They usually start off traveling with other people then later on find someone new to take with them on their adventures. Although, some doctors don't leave anyone behind...

What color is the TARDIS from Doctor Who?

Blue TARDIS (10th) Blue Color Codes-BBC Approved: 2955C (Pantone) #003B6F in hexadecimal -RGB: 0,59,111-CMYK: 100,55,10,48: Tardis, Tardis blue, Doctor Who blue.

What number is the TARDIS blue?

The color "Tardis Blue," with the hexadecimal value #003b6f, is a dark cyan-blue. #003b6f is a 0 percent red, 23.14 percent green, and 43.53 percent blue color in the RGB color model. It is not a perfect match for the actual color of the interior of the television series' time machine but is instead more of a dark navy blue.

There are various explanations as to why the TARDIS has these colors. The most common one is that it was designed this way by the artist who painted its exterior. He may have been inspired by the British police box that had similar colors at the time. Another theory is that the Doctor's blue jacket represents the sky or ocean inside the time machine. A final explanation is that they were chosen because they are the only colors that can be seen from outside the time machine.

In "The Girl in the Fireplace" it is revealed that the TARDIS has a secret room where it keeps items related to its history. These include a gun used by an ancient race of humans called the Zarbi. If you shoot them then they will release their prisoners which are known as Telosians. The Telosians are a ruthless species that will kill anyone in their way. They will even kill their own kind if they feel like it can't be done any other way.

What does the blue box on the TARDIS stand for?

The term TARDIS stands for "time and relative dimension in space." The blue box has the ability to go anywhere in the universe and arrive at any moment. As a result, it is ideal for a space traveller. The fact that it can be worn like a backpack makes it convenient for a long-distance traveler.

TARDISes were first introduced in the British television series Dr. Who from 1963 to 1989. It continues in various media today.

In the show, the Doctor's latest invention is called a TARDIS. It is a time and relativity-defying device that can travel through time and space. It is small enough to fit inside a cabinet and large enough to contain a living room. However, instead of houses, it usually travels through history, other planets, and even galaxies.

In addition to being the name of the main character's machine, TARDISes appear in several stories about the Doctor and his friends. Sometimes they are called Time Lords because they belong to a race of immortal beings who can teleport themselves across vast distances in seconds. Other times they are called spacecraft because that is what the Doctor uses them as. No matter what they are called, these boxes carry the Doctor and his companions into distant places around the universe.

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