How much is the black circle worth?

How much is the black circle worth?

Kazimir Malevich Suprematist Composition, his painting, established a world record for any Russian artist at Sotheby's in New York in 2008, selling for $60 million. That same year, another of Malevich's paintings sold at auction for $25.4 million.

Malevich (1878-1935) was a Russian painter who introduced abstract art into Russia. He used only white on white or black on black as his background, making it easy for him to show off large areas of pure color or even just dots. His work is very influential to artists today.

In addition to being a famous artist, Malevich was also involved in many political movements during his life, including futurism and the avant-garde.

He started out as a realist painter, but by 1914, he had changed completely and became one of the first true abstract artists. In fact, some consider him the father of abstract art.

During World War I, Malevich lived in Berlin where he met up with other important artists of the time. There, he developed his ideas on geometrical shapes that are still important parts of modern art.

How much is the black square?

This takes the total amount, including the selling fee, to a mind-boggling $60 million. The price more than quadrupled the previous world record for a Malevich, which was $17.05 million, making it the most expensive Russian artwork ever auctioned. It's also more than five times the price of the next highest-selling work at Sotheby's.

Malevich created this piece in 1932 when he was only 25 years old. It's estimated to be worth between $15-$20 million and it sold for just over $60 million!

The Black Square is one of the most important works from the early days of Soviet art. It perfectly captures the revolutionary spirit of that time by denouncing all the evils of its society through a single image: the exploitation of people by people (the black market) and the destruction of nature (famine, floods).

It's not easy to sell at an auction because it's such a unique work of art. But it did very well!

How much is Kandinsky worth?

A Wassily Kandinsky painting sold for $21.2 million at a Christie's auction of Impressionist and Modern art in London. The auction on Tuesday raised a huge sum of $100.4 million, but there were no significant shocks. The price of the work by Russian artist was reported by The Guardian newspaper.

Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a key figure in early 20th-century Russian art. He developed his own style of painting that was based on rhythm, harmony and color. His works can be seen at major museums around the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Kandinsky was born in Moscow into a wealthy family of Jewish merchants. He studied law but gave it up to study art in Munich where he met leading figures of the day including Paul Klee and Franz Marc.

After returning to Russia he became one of the first artists to use abstract techniques. These paintings are considered landmarks in the development of modern art.

In 1918 Kandinsky founded the Bauhaus art school in Germany, which had a great influence on later generations of painters and designers. He also designed books covers and posters for several publishers including Verlag Der Kunstmann in Berlin which published many important authors of the time such as Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse.

How much is a Basquiat worth?

110.5 million dollars When it arrived at Sotheby's New York contemporary art evening auction in May 2017, Untitled became the most expensive piece by Basquiat to ever sell at auction, greatly above its pre-sale high estimate of $60 million. The painting was sold to an unknown buyer for $102.4 million.

Basquiat died at age 27 after a long battle with drug addiction. He had only lived overseas for a few years of his life but left an impact on modern art worldwide.

His work can be seen in many museums around the world. Some of the most notable ones are the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Tate Modern in London and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Basquiat's death was due to a heroin overdose. However, there have been allegations that he may have killed himself.

To date, his artwork has never gone up for sale at any public auction house.

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