How many times has Robert Englund played Pinhead?

How many times has Robert Englund played Pinhead?

Englund is one of only three actors to have played a horror role eight times in a row, the other two being Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in the Hellraiser film series eight times, and Tobin Bell, who played Jigsaw.

Englund first played the character in 1974's Nightbreed, then again five years later in 1979's Dawn of the Dead. He did not play the character again for 16 years, when he returned as Frederick von Trapp in the Broadway musical The Sound of Music. Eight months later, he reprised his role as Pinhead in David Gordon Green's 2008 film version of Stephen King's novel The Shining.

So far, Englund has played the character eight times, with a ninth movie in production called Pinhead: The Complete Eighth Series. It is scheduled for release in 2020.

Here are the other actors to play the same character twice: Frank Langella (four times), John Karlen (three times), and Peter Firth (two times).

How many times has Doug Bradley played Pinhead?

He has appeared in eight films as a pinhead. He is one of only six performers (together with Christopher Lee, Robert Englund, Warwick Davis, Brad Dourif, and Tobin Bell) who have played the same horror role at least six times in a row. He oversees Blackcraft Wrestling as "The Preacher."

His first appearance was in 1997's Hellraiser: Bloodline. He has since returned to play Pinhead in both Hellraiser sequels and their respective spin-offs.

In addition to his work on the big screen, Doug Bradley continues to appear on television as Pinhead. He has also published several books about his experiences working on the film series.

Bradley was born on January 4th, 1965 in Vancouver, Canada. At an early age, he showed an interest in acting and dancing. When he was 15 years old, he moved to London where he attended drama school. It there he met Clive Barker who was looking for extras for his new movie Hellraiser. They struck up a friendship and together they traveled to Thailand where the filming of the first movie took place.

After completing work on Hellraiser, Doug Bradley went back home to Canada where he lived for three years before moving back to England. There he joined the Blackcraft Wrestling team as The Preacher which is now his main occupation.

He has been married to actress Vicky Entwistle since 1996.

How many assists did Wayne Gretzky have in one period?

Gretzky has five times had three assists in a single period. (Three times for Ray Bourque; twice for Toe Blake, Jean Beliveau, Doug Harvey, and Bobby Orr.) The first time this happened was on November 2, 1986, in a game against the New York Islanders.

Gretzky's three-assist performance was part of a four-goal third period by the Edmonton Oilers that beat the Islanders 6-3. He had two goals and an assist during this span.

The next time this happened was on January 5, 1997, in a game against the Vancouver Canucks. In that game, Gretzky had four points (three goals, one assist) in a 4-1 win for Edmonton.

The last time this happened was on March 23, 2000, in a game against the Montreal Canadiens. In that game, Gretzky had three goals and three assists as the Oilers defeated Montreal 7-4.

How many times did Sammy Davis Jr. appear on The Rifleman?

Sammy Davis Jr. featured on The Rifleman in two episodes: "Two Ounces of Tin" and "The Most Amazing Man." (He portrays a variety of characters and does not have a reoccurring role.)

He first appears at Wayne's ranch when his friend Delmar O'Donnell (Larry Linville) dies after being shot by one of Wayne's friends. Sammy then comes to town to tell Wayne that he is also dead. After that, they both leave town together.

Four years later, Sammy returns to town during the episode "The Most Amazing Man". He tells Wayne that he has become a big star and wants to buy the ranch from him. When Wayne refuses, Sammy leaves again but not before sending Wayne a telegram saying that he will return if necessary. Two years later, in 1958, Sammy returns for good when Wayne needs him again.

He last appears in the finale episode "Gunslinger", where he shoots it out with Duke while trying to protect June Carter (who was being held hostage). In the end, Duke wins and shoots Sammy instead.

Here are the episodes in which Sammy Davis Jr. appears: "Two Ounces of Tin" and "The Most Amazing Man".

How many actors have played Eric Brady?

Eric Brady
Portrayed byRory Beauregard (1984–1985) Jesse Davis (1985–1986) Edward Palma (1986) Bradley Hallock (1986–1992) Jensen Ackles (1997–2000) Greg Vaughan (2012–present)
Duration1984–1992 1997–2000 2012–present
First appearanceOctober 16, 1984
Last appearanceSeptember 23, 2020

How did Robert Englund get the role of Freddy?

In the scenario, Robert Englund gets cocooned in a spider's web by a massive black widow. The underside of the black widow is striped in red and green, the same colors as Freddy's jumper. It was a fantastic symbolic scene, in my opinion. I was concerned about my career at the moment. I didn't know if the movie would be made or not, but I sent them a copy of the script with a note saying that I'd like to play the part if it was still open. A few weeks later, I got a call from one of their agents asking if I'd like to come in for an audition.

I went to this office on the East Side of New York, and there were these two young guys there who were also going to be considered for the part. One of them had been in a lot of horror movies and the other one had been in a couple. They asked me to wait in the reception area for a while because they needed to talk to someone else first. After they'd gone through their lines with the other person, they came back and told me to have a seat again. This time, they showed me a picture of Freddy Krueger right from the beginning of the film. I thought it was a great looking character and I wanted very much to play him. So I signed up right then and there!

Making a horror film is a difficult job.

How many times has Neil Warnock played for Leeds?

We take a look at 11 players who have played for both Yorkshire clubs before of the match at Elland Road. Neil Warnock coached the goalkeeper at Bury, Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers, and Leeds United. From 2002 to 2010, he played almost 250 times for the Blades, and from 2012 to 2014, he was at Leeds. He also had two short spells with Southend United, where he made over 100 appearances.

Warnock's son Lee is a footballer who has played for Leeds United and Huddersfield Town. His other son Ross plays for Leeds United Under-21s team.

Leeds United won 2-1 thanks to a goal from Simon Longson in the 89th minute. It was their first game after losing defender Alex Bruce to injury. Before the match, Leeds chose to give debut caps to former England international David Batty and Australian Paul Green, who recently signed with the club.

Neil Warnock said after the match: "It's a proud moment for me - I've been around the world but never felt more at home than when I walked out there today. I love this place and it's a pleasure for me to be back here."

Sheffield United lost their first game since Brian Clough died last week. The club announced that they will wear black armbands in his memory during their game against Leeds on 9 October 2015.

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