How many paintings did John William Waterhouse make?

How many paintings did John William Waterhouse make?

He completed 118 paintings in all. For a nearly comprehensive list, see "List of paintings by John William Waterhouse." Gather Your Rosebuds While You Still Can... is one of them.

Waterhouse was a prolific artist who worked in a variety of styles throughout his career. His work is popular with collectors and the price of watercolors has increased over time. However, prices can fluctuate as new discoveries are made or when no other information is available such as research papers or catalogs from sales events.

Waterhouse was born on March 2, 1802 in Clifton, Bristol. He was the second child of eight children of an established family who owned a large estate business. Waterhouse's parents wanted him to follow in his father's footsteps and go into the family business but he decided instead to pursue art as a career.

He initially trained under his older brother Thomas at their family home before moving to London to study under Joseph Turner. In 1823, he went back to Bristol to set up his own studio and spend more time painting. Over the next few years, he traveled extensively around Europe to learn more about art.

In 1831, Waterhouse came back to London where he met and married Frances Boulter.

How many paintings did Hokusai make?

30,000 works of art In his lifetime, he created around 30,000 pieces. Despite the fact that a fire in his workshop destroyed much of his work in 1839, it is estimated that he created over 30,000 paintings, drawings, woodblock prints, and picture books in all.

He started out as one of Japan's most popular artists but fell from favor with the Japanese imperial family during their period of turmoil after the death of Emperor Meiji in 1912. However, he came back into popularity after World War II when he became an icon for freedom and democracy. Today, his artwork is sold all over the world and earns millions of dollars each year.

How many paintings has Desmond Morris produced?

Over the last 70 years, he has created over 3300 paintings. All of the paintings in the next show will be featured in his third catalogue raisonnée, which will be released in November 2020.

Desmond Morris is one of the most prolific and important visual artists working today. Over three thousand paintings by him are in public collections worldwide. He has developed a unique way of looking at the animal world that has led to many groundbreaking discoveries about human biology and behavior.

Morris was born on March 24th, 1939 in London, England. He was raised by his single mother after his father died when he was just eight months old. He attended St Paul's School in London and then studied art history and archaeology at Cambridge University before turning to painting full-time in 1965. In 1971 he became Professor of Painting at the University of Reading where he still lives and works today. He has had one-person shows at the British Museum, London; National Gallery, London; Royal Academy of Arts, London; and other major institutions.

In addition to being awarded the prestigious Turner Prize in 1991, he has been given two Queen's Awards for Enterprise and is currently president of the Royal Society for Public Health. He is considered one of the founding fathers of the "body painting" movement that emerged in the 1970s.

How many paintings did Monet do?

2,500 works of art. That's what it says here.

How many paintings did Turner do?

He is well-known for his expressive colorizations, inventive landscapes, and stormy, often violent sea paintings. More than 550 oil paintings, 2,000 watercolours, and 30,000 works on paper were left behind by him. He was one of the first British artists to develop a personal style that was unique to him.

Turner's work is so influential that even today many artists try to copy his style. However, no two paintings by him are exactly the same because he constantly revised and improved his techniques and materials.

His father was a wealthy London merchant who owned land in Ireland and Switzerland. Thomas was educated at Dulwich College, where he learned to draw from Joseph Mallord William Turner himself. When he reached adulthood, Turner decided to move to London to pursue his career. During these years he produced some of his most important work: painting en plein air (outdoor painting) from life; experimenting with light and shade; capturing the mood of a place or moment.

In 1795, Turner opened an art school where he taught drawing and painting. The following year, he published A Dictionary of Painting, which was very successful and helped spread awareness about his artistic style and methods. In 1815, he closed down the school and started offering private lessons instead.

How many paintings did Francis Bacon paint?

At least 590 existing works, as well as many more he destroyed, are often focused on a single topic for extended periods of time, commonly in triptych or diptych configurations. This allows him to explore different aspects of this subject matter through different perspectives.

He usually spent about two years painting a series from start to finish, sometimes working on it for longer than this but sometimes not. He would sometimes return to a series later in his life; for example, he returned to the Maternity series in 1969 and 1970 after having done so originally in 1947-48.

There are several reasons why some paintings are described as "lost" works by historians interested in all that he created: perhaps because they could not be located after his death; or because they were destroyed (often along with other works) when his London house was burned down in 1955; or even because they weren't finished.

Many facts about these "missing" works remain unknown, including what became of them before they were lost. Some are believed to have been sent to galleries in Europe where he had shows; others may have been given as gifts. A few are known to have been sold during his lifetime, for example, one 1958 oil sold for $1.05 million in 2001.

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