How do you melt CDs with flowers?

How do you melt CDs with flowers?

To make a flower, start by softly bending the CD on all sides into a "bowl shape." As you begin to mold the CD, heat up the glossy area until you see small bubbles develop. Do this all the way around the inside. Let cool completely.

To melt the CD, put it in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in 20-second bursts, rotating the bowl after each burst, until the plastic is melted. You may have to do this in several batches.

Flowers made from CD's can be used as votives or placed in vases for decoration. They are also beautiful added to bouquets or bridal arrangements.

How do you make paper flowers that bloom in water?

  1. Print. Print out the flowers, or you can draw your own.
  2. Color. Color in the flowers!
  3. Cut. Cut out the flowers!
  4. Fold. Lightly fold all the petals into the center.
  5. Water. Now carefully set your flower(s) in the bowl of water.
  6. Watch. Now watch your flower bloom!

How do you dye natural flowers?


  1. Fill each cup with water half way.
  2. Add 3 drops of food coloring into each of the cups.
  3. Carefully cut the end of each of the flower’s stem.
  4. Place each stem in a different colored water cup.
  5. Wait one hour and observe your flowers’ petals.
  6. Wait one day and observe your flowers’ petals.

How do you crochet puff flowers?


  1. Make a Magic Circle Center. Choose a color for the center of your flower and make a magic circle.
  2. Attach the Main Petal Color.
  3. The First Petal.
  4. Work a Puff Stitch.
  5. End the Puff Stitch.
  6. Slip Stitch to Finish the Petal.
  7. Chain 3 to Make the Next Petal.
  8. Make More Puff Stitch Petals.

How do you secure pressed flowers on glass?

Apply a light application of clear-drying decoupage medium to the bottom of a glass using a brush. Then, lightly cover the top of the flower with the decoupage material. Place the flower on the glass and use your fingers to gently smooth out any air bubbles. Rep until all of the glasses and decanter are adorned. Let sit for at least 24 hours before serving.

This is an easy way to add some flair to plain old wine bottles. You can find pressed flowers in most grocery stores in the springtime. They make perfect decorative gifts for friends or family members who love green plants.

The key to securing pressed flowers onto glass is to use a heavy hand when smoothing out the medium so that there are no gaps where water could get inside the container.

You can also use this method to adorn other containers such as vases or bowls. Just be sure to select items that will stand up to being handled heavily (such as roses) before applying the decoupage medium.

How do you make flowers sink in water?

Place a rubber band around the stems of each bunch of flowers, approximately a half-inch from the ends. Step 3: Insert a fishing weight into each rubber band arrangement you make. This is used to weigh down the flowers so they don't float to the top of the water-filled vase.

Now, put some hot water in a bowl or glass and add a few drops of food coloring. Dip each stem into the water until it's just below the surface. Let it sit for a minute or two, then remove it and dry off the flower with a clean towel. Repeat with the other flowers and serve immediately.

Here are more ideas on how to decorate your home with floral designs: try making a wreath out of old wire hangers; use boughs from your yard as decorations; make a bouquet by tying together pieces of string with flowers attached at both ends; gather stones from your garden or park and arrange them in a container; create a centerpiece by arranging flowers in a glass jar or bowl.

Flowers are the perfect thing to bring joy to someone's day, but they can also be useful when trying to express something. For example, you could give someone you're sorry about something this gesture by putting together a bouquet of flowers. Or, if you want to show your love for someone, you could buy them a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

How do you finish floral tape?

Arrange a few stems in your hand—typically three or four with their heads or ends close together—and wrap the floral tape over the back of the stems. Hold the tape end in place with your finger while you draw the tape taut, slightly extending it as you wrap it around the stems. When you get to the other side, simply peel off the backing and your work is done.

There are two ways to finish wrapping a stem with floral tape: either fold the tape over itself to create a tight, flat package or pull it tightly across the stem's surface. Because most flowers have a smooth shape, using too much tape can make them look like they're covered in plastic. Use a little less tape than you think you need and then add more if needed after you bend the stem.

Flowers that come in clusters such as roses and peonies should always be wrapped from multiple directions to ensure that they're sealed properly. Take your time when wrapping these flowers so you don't cut off their head; instead, just keep adding more tape until you reach this desired length.

When wrapping items such as bamboo canes and wooden dowels, first measure the diameter of the item at several points along its length. Cut several lengths of floral tape equal to or a little longer than the measured length of the cane/dowel. Wrap one end of each piece of tape around the item, starting at one point and working your way toward the other.

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