How do you cover a notebook beautifully?

How do you cover a notebook beautifully?

Washi tape and paper making seem to go hand in hand. Attach strips of colorful tape in rows to the notebook cover to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind diary. To complement your notebook, wrap matching washi tape around pencils. It's never been easier to make a powerful design statement!

Washi tape is paper tape with adhesive on one side. The tape is easy to use: simply peel off one strip of washi tape and stick it where you want it to go. There are many colors and designs of washi tape available, so you can match any room color easily.

You can use different colors and patterns of washi tape for a more personalized look or keep things simple with single colors. Whatever style you choose, washi tape makes a fun and inexpensive gift for friends and family.

Washi tape is popular in Japan and Asian countries. But it has become very popular in the United States too. You can find washi tape at most major craft stores such as Michaels, Oriental Trading, and Pier 1.

Washi tape is made of Japanese paper and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Although washi tape is usually less than an inch wide, it can be used to create large decorative pieces if you connect multiple strips of tape together.

How do you decorate the front of a composition notebook?

  1. Tape. You can find so many tape varieties now.
  2. Paper. Beautiful or funky scrapbook papers are perfect for altering a notebook cover.
  3. Collage. Grab a magazine and cut out lots of interesting photos and text pieces.
  4. Acrylic Paint.
  5. Tissue Paper.
  6. Stickers.
  7. Rubber Stamps.
  8. Embellish Your Book.

How do you cover a notebook with fabric?


  1. Prep the Fabric. Start out with a piece of fabric that is large enough to cover the size notebook you’ve chosen.
  2. Add a Little Adhesive. In a well-ventilated area and on a protective surface, gently spray the surface of the notebook with the spray adhesive.
  3. Cut the Fabric to Size.
  4. Let It Dry.
  5. Enjoy Your Notebook.

How do you fix a spiral notebook cover?

To open the holes covered by the tape, use a hole punch. Align the cover with the paper block and clamp the assembly together to keep it in place. To keep the notebook together, twist the spiral back into the paper block holes. Re-bend the spiral wire's end to ensure its security. Use metal polish or file the ends of the wire smooth.

How do you reuse a notebook?

Making blank or graph paper notebooks

  1. Rip out all the blank pages from the notebook, taking care not to rip the pages.
  2. Fold the pages and the cover paper in half.
  3. Place the folded pages inside the folded cover.
  4. Center the folds all together and hold them in place with clothes pins.
  5. Flip the book with the cover up.

How do you bind notebooks together?

  1. Select and cut your paper to size.
  2. Stack your paper and line up all the sides by tapping the stack down against the table top.
  3. Secure your stack of paper using binder clips.
  4. Use a paint brush or foam brush and apply a thin layer of pva or elmers glue to form the spine of your notebook.

How do you make a journal cover?

Journal Coverage Instructions

  1. Prepare Fabric. I’ve made journal covers in a myriad of piecing styles.
  2. Side Edges. Turn under the 12″ sides of the cover by 3/4″.
  3. Sew it Up! Back at your cutting mat, lay the work right side up.
  4. Finishing. Before inserting the composition book press thoroughly.

How can we decorate your notebook?

8 Different Ways to Decorate School Notebooks

  1. Chalkboard. Perfect for the doodler who might need to change the design on a regular basis!
  2. Embroidery.
  3. Washi Tape.
  4. Puffy Fabric Paint.
  5. Coloring Page.
  6. Watercolor.
  7. Customizable Binder Covers.
  8. Duct Tape.

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