How do you cite something without a title?

How do you cite something without a title?

Source without a Title Note: In the absence of a title, specify the source in brackets in place of the title. A. A. Author and A. A. Author (Year of Publication). [Source description] Format the remaining based on the resource type. An example for an article would be An Article (American Psychological Association website). For a book, use APA Style for Reference Sources.

How do you cite without an author’s name?

Author Unknown If the work does not have an author, reference it in the signal phrase by its title or use the first word or two in the parenthesis. The titles of books and reports are italicized, while the titles of articles, chapters, and web pages are surrounded by quotation marks. Author unknown refers to a work that has no identified author.

How do you cite a long title?

If the source title is more than four words long, reduce it to the first word or phrase in the in-text citation, eliminating any articles (a, an, and the). The shorter title should begin with the term used to alphabetize the source in the Works Cited. For example, if the source was published under the name "Smith, John and Jones, David," then the in-text citation would be based on the first word of the source (in this case, "John"). The in-text citation no longer needs to refer to the full title of the source; instead, it can simply state that it is from "Smith et al." or "The John Smith Report."

In general, avoid using long titles as sources. Although they are fine for personal notes, they are not considered proper citations and so will need to be removed from your paper when writing up your findings.

There are two ways to include multiple sources in your paper. You can list them in order, referring to each one by its location in the list (for example, "A research journal article by Jones" or "Two books by John Smith"). Or, if the work is widely known by its main idea rather than its exact title, you can describe it as a "known document" or "existing study" and give only its date of publication or creation.

How to cite a work without an author or date?

When there is no known author for a work, mention the first few words of the reference list item (typically the title) and the year in the text.

How do you cite a source without an author?

When there is no known author for a source, use the work's shorter title rather of the author's name. If it's a short work (such as an article), put the title in quotation marks; italicize it if it's a larger work (e.g., plays, novels, television series, full Web sites), and provide a page number if one is available. If there is no title or if it's not possible to identify the work by its title, give its volume number and page number.

How do you cite ACS without an author?

If there is no author, begin the reference with the title of the document, followed by the year of publication in parentheses. If no date is given, use "n.d." in parenthesis. Author and title. Publisher, Year of Publication: Publisher, Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication: Publisher.

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