How do you cite a website with two authors?

How do you cite a website with two authors?

If there are two writers, cite them as follows (in the order they appear on the page, not alphabetically): First Author's Last Name, First Name, and Second Author's First Name, Last Name Smith, James, and Sarah Johnston, for example. Cite the individual web pages/articles/photos individually, giving the date published and any other relevant information.

How do you reference multiple authors in an essay?

Several Authors

  1. Authors: Always cite both authors’ names in-text everytime you reference them. Example: Johnson and Smith (2009) found…
  2. Or More Authors: If a document has six or more authors, simply provide the last name of the first author with “et al.” from the first citation to the last. Example: Thomas et al.

How do you in-text cite two authors with the same last name?


  1. If more than one author have the same last name, include all the author’s first initials in all text citations:
  2. If both authors have the same surname and first initial, provide the authors’ full name:
  3. If citing multiple works by the same author, include the short form of the source’s title.

What should you do if you have a reference with two authors?

If a source has two authors, list both authors in your in-text citation and Works Cited entry in MLA Style. If there are three or more writers, just the first author should be mentioned, followed by et al.

How do you cite multiple authors in Turabian?

Cite the first listed author followed by "et al." for references with more than three authors. In the bibliography, list all of the writers. Use their full names, not just their initials.

In your paper, use complete sentences and proper grammar to write clearly. Use proper punctuation at the end of sentences and paragraphs. Edit out any words or phrases that are written in all-caps. Using proper spelling and grammar will help readers understand what you're trying to say.

References should be published papers or articles that have been previously done and submitted for publication. References should be listed at the end of your paper. They help readers understand new topics or ideas you're introducing into your own work. In addition, references are used by academic institutions to evaluate your research achievements and qualifications.

There are two types of references: primary and secondary. Primary sources are documents such as books or magazines that have been directly involved in the issue under discussion. Secondary sources are publications that rely on primary sources for information; for example, newspapers quote from official documents or reports. Do not reference material that has not been properly cited or whose citation may no longer be valid!

Always refer to people when they are first mentioned in a story.

How do you cite two authors in the APA 7th edition?

Include the author(s) name(s) in every reference for a work having one or two authors. If a book has three or more authors, add just the first author's name plus "et al." in all citations, including the first, unless doing so would cause ambiguity. For example, "The book by Smith and Jones was well written..." would become "The book by Smith et al was well written..."

Citing books with multiple authors is complicated because it may be ambiguous as to whether they are referring to one single book with several contributors or several different books by different authors. In general, it is best to include all authors on a book-length publication, although some journals may require you to state how many authors there are on an article.

If you are writing about someone who has only been active for a certain period of time, you should refer to previous works by that person. For example, if I were writing a paper on Isaac Newton, I would refer to his Principia Mathematica when citing information from that book.

Newton published three separate editions of his masterpiece between 1686 and 1713. When referencing information from these books, always specify which edition is being referred to.

It is acceptable to cite references that are not available to the reader.

How do you write if there are two authors?

In-text citations of works by two writers should include both authors' surnames separated by the word "and" or, if using parentheses, by an ampersand. For example, (Bacon & Bacon) or (Bacon &; Bacon).

If there is only one author, it is sufficient to cite the work with his or her name alone. In this case, in-text citations should not include a second author name, even if that person was involved in writing the work.

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