How do I sell my Hallmark script?

How do I sell my Hallmark script?

Hallmark, unfortunately, does not accept unsolicited screenplays or ideas of any kind. To submit your idea to Hallmark, you'll need to go through an agency, which is a more indirect process. Begin drafting your query letter. Be sure to include the following:

A clear and concise explanation of the premise behind the script

The specific elements of the script that make it unique beyond other scripts

Contact information for the agent about whom you're writing

If you are unable to find an agent who represents writers' clients, then you will need to submit your script directly to Hallmark. Use the following template as a guide to write a successful query letter:

To whom it may concern:

I am submitting this manuscript because I want it to be considered for production. Its central character is one who has always interested me, so I decided to give her story another chance at life.

This script has many great qualities. Here are just three: it is a period piece set in the 1950s; it features a strong female lead; and it is very emotional indeed. I think you'll agree that these are all good things for your story to have.

How do I submit a movie to Hallmark?

A query letter will be necessary if you want to propose your concept via mail. It should include the following: when you think it would be best to send out the letters, what kind of response you're looking for, and any other information that may help the selection committee understand who you are and what makes your concept unique.

Now you're ready to search for an agency. Check with local newspapers or television stations to see if they have done work for other agencies. You can also look on the Internet for information about agencies in your area. Agencies tend to be well known in certain fields so you may have to sift through a few websites before finding one that suits your needs.

Once you've found an agency that you want to work with, make sure you get their pricing structure first. Some agencies may charge you upfront fees while others may only want to be paid if they select your concept. Some agencies may even want you to pay for advertising opportunities if you want to promote your concept directly to consumers. Be sure to keep all agreements written down and signed by both parties.

Finally, follow all instructions given to you by the agency. If they tell you to wait for further instructions, do so without questions.

How do I submit a card idea to Hallmark?

To submit your creative ideas to Hallmark, you must either apply as a prospective employee or participate one of the continuing monthly greeting card contests, the winner of which wins a cash reward and publication. Otherwise, unsolicited applications are not accepted by the Hallmark organization.

However, if you have an idea for a card but don't want to send it out otherwise, you can enter it into the contest. First, find out what category the card falls under: modern cards, holiday cards, birthday cards, etc. Then, search for past winners in that category to see how they approached creating their card. You may also want to check with local card clubs to see if anyone is looking for creative input. Finally, if no one has entered your idea yet, then feel free to go ahead and give it a try!

Contests are held every month at random times. Check the Hallmark website for details on specific dates and categories. There are two types of contests: online and offline. To enter an online contest, you must create a Hallmark account if you do not already have one (this can be done at any time). Then, follow the instructions provided with the contest announcement to submit your idea. If you win, you will receive an email notification that contains information on how to claim your prize.

Offline contests allow participants to submit physical cards through postal mail.

Does Hallmark accept submissions?

Hallmark does not accept or purchase unsolicited submissions of greeting card or gift book ideas, artwork, photography, or writing. Outside contributions of creative ideas, proposals, or materials are not accepted or considered by Hallmark. Companies or organizations that make such submissions will not be considered for partnerships or other relationships with Hallmark.

How do you send in your idea?

You can submit ideas through our website portal at You can also mail your idea to: Hallmark Cards, Attn: Idea Center, 217 N Columbus Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108. Please include your name and contact information on any attached files.

Is it easy to work with Hallmark?

We strive to create the best experience for our customers and partners. We believe that happy customers tell others about us, which is why we take great care in selecting partners and artists who understand what it takes to partner with Hallmark. When working with us, you will have direct access to our thought leaders and decision makers via their respective teams or channels. This gives you the opportunity to present your ideas and be heard by those who can help determine if they are worth pursuing. If an idea results in a partnership or other relationship, we share in the success of each project through royalties or otherwise.

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