How Did I Spend My Summer Vacations Essay?

How Did I Spend My Summer Vacations Essay?

Visiting my village for the summer break was the finest decision I could have made, and I am grateful that I did. I not only had a great time on my trip, but I also made new memories. It was a beautiful event that finally made me happy.

I went to India for two weeks with my family. We traveled by train which was interesting because I never knew how expensive this type of travel could be. The ticket price was $180 which included food, lodging, and activities. This is a lot of money but we felt like it was worth it because we wanted to see as much of India as possible.

My favorite part of the trip was visiting small villages where people live in very simple but clean houses with no running water or electricity. They grow most of their own food and keep animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens. Sometimes they even have bees! They are mostly Hindu but there are also many Muslims in India who live mainly in the north of the country near Pakistan.

In these villages you can eat delicious foods such as curries, dal (lentils), and chowmein (hot pot). There are lots of opportunities to try new things too. For example, in one town we visited they make amazing sweets called gulab jamun. They are similar to cheesecakes but much lighter and airy instead.

How would you like to spend your summer vacation writing in 300 words?

I also make the most of my summer vacation. I had a fantastic time throughout my summer vacation. I accomplished my vacation homework in a week. Then I went to the village to see my grandparents. We used to go fishing together every summer but this year they told me it was too cold out there so we just sat around and talked.

During the school year, I only have about 300 days off so I try to use them all up as much as possible. This past summer vacation was no exception. I wrote in my journal every day and went to the beach on weekends. It was really fun!

This summer, I'm hoping to write an entire novel in 300 days (or less).

How did you spend your summer vacation essay in English?

Summer break is my favorite time of year since it allows me to unwind and try new things. It allows me to take a break from my everyday academic regimen and try out new interests like gardening, dancing, and painting, all while having fun with my pals. This summer I spent mine working on my car and traveling around New England with my friends.

During the school year, I usually go without sleep because of course work. But during summer break, I make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep per night so I can be fresh for my social life during college weekends. I also use my free time to study for exams coming up later in the year.

In conclusion, summer break is the perfect time for students to recharge their batteries and explore new interests without worrying about grades or exam deadlines.

How do you spend your holidays in English?

Some good new movies were released, and I saw them with my pals. Then I went to see my grandparents, who reside in a lovely Himachal Pradesh village. They love it there; the climate is perfect for aging people. When I returned to school, it was time for new courses to start so that I could graduate early.

I like to think that I'm very flexible when it comes to holidays. Sometimes I go to Italy or France for vacation, but most often it's all around here. I love England because they have such an amazing culture and history. There are always new things to see and do. You never know what may happen if you go on holiday!

The first thing you need to know about me is that I'm not really a fan of holidays. I mean, I enjoy them, but only when they're not mandatory. This seems like a weird statement since most countries require you to take time off work or school during certain times of the year. Holidays are when you get to relax and have fun!

During Christmas break, I like to visit family and friends. We always have a lot of fun together! After Christmas, I usually stay home and catch up on some studying. In February, we leave for India for three weeks.

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