Can we return paint to Lowe's?

Can we return paint to Lowe's?

If you are unhappy with your interior or exterior liquid paint purchase, just return the unused amount in the original container within 30 days of purchase. Based on our return policy (, we will either replace it with a comparable can of paint or refund your money. However, if you decide to keep the returned item, it is your responsibility to take care of it until it is empty.

Can you return paint to Home Depot if you bought too much?

If you are not completely pleased with your interior or exterior liquid paint purchase, return it to the store within 30 days of purchase. We will set things right by either fixing your paint or providing you with a comparable can of paint.

There are two types of paints: water-based and oil-based. Both can be returned but we recommend returning it to the store where you made the purchase. There are specific procedures for each type of paint, so follow the instructions that come with your paint to ensure a timely and effective return.

What should you do if there is any residue left on your wall after you have repainted?

Use a clean dry brush to remove any old paint before beginning again. This will keep your new coat from being affected by any remnants of the previous color.

Can I take the paint back to B and Q?

If you have unopened cans, still have the receipt, and purchased the paint within the last 135 days, you may be able to return it to B&Q for an exchange or refund.

However, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these returns are not accepted because opening or closing a can of paint changes its chemical composition, which could affect how it treats during painting.

The only way to ensure safe painting of your furniture is to hire a professional painter who has experience working with enamel paints. If you do choose to try and clean your own paint off before re-painting, use a non-acid based cleaner first to avoid removing any of the protective layers of enamel that might otherwise protect your wood from further damage.

Can you retint paint at Lowe's?

I've been at Lowe's for over two years, and I spent a year in the paint department. You can return the can as long as it is unopened. Tinted paint, in general, cannot be returned. However, if the can has a natural color inside then it can be returned.

They will not give you your money back if you open the can though. So don't do that!

The best thing to do is call your local store and explain the situation. They will most likely let you out of your purchase without arguing with you. Just make sure that this was not done automatically when you rang up your purchase.

If they won't refund your money, then don't buy from them again. There are many other stores that will take returns of opened cans of paint.

Retailers will usually allow returns within a certain time period after you have made your purchase. Check your warranty card or sales receipt to see when your product ended its shelf life and then ask for a return label. Also check with your state office for retail laws; some states require returns on unopened products to be accepted within a specified time frame (usually within 90 days). For example, in New York City, you must return products to any Macy's or Bloomingdale's store within 90 days of purchase.

What happens if you leave the lid off of a paint can?

Even if you've used all of the paint in a can, always let the empty containers dry completely with the lid off before throwing them away. If there is still any paint in the container, you can let it dry in a well-ventilated place until it hardens, stirring it once every few days. When the can no longer swells when you touch it to the brim, it's time to discard it.

If you leave the lid on too long, however, the can will eventually explode.

The gas that explodes the can comes from the solvent in the paint evaporating. There's actually more gas than liquid, so as the solvent evaporates, there's less pressure inside the can and it will expand quickly if the cap isn't tight enough. This can cause serious injury or death if it occurs in an enclosed space.

People have been known to explode their cans after each use for decorative purposes. In fact, there are holiday themes based on this practice: Valentines Day and Easter are both examples of times where people leave the lids off of paint cans and decorate their homes with them. However, this should be done carefully because even though it may look cool, it could be hazardous if someone else decides to enjoy the spectacle while you're out.

Also remember that children are curious and will often grab at anything they find lying around the house.

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