Angelina Fiber

Angelina Fiber is a new, very fine (sized as small as 10 denier), unique fiber. Light reflective, as well as light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminescent, while (unlike regular metallics) it has an extremely soft hand. Blended with other fibers in amounts as small as 2%, it gives sparkle and highlight to your yarn.

Angelina comes in four classifications - Iridescent, Holographic, Metalized and Electric. In naturally occuring mother of pearl, opals and peacock feathers, reflected rays interact to reinforce some wavelengths and dampen others. This breaks up the white light, so various colors reflect to the viewer. This same concept is used in the manufacture of the Iridescent Angelina fiber. The Holographic Angelina has ultra high-tech color refractive sparks, while the metalized fiber gives soft metallic highlights. The Electric Angelina has soft reflection and solid electric colors.

Imagine diamond-like dew drops on a spider's web and the iridescence of butterfly wings!

Note that the base color is the color of the fiber when there is no direct light reflection. Every portion of the fiber has the potential to reflect to the viewer sparkles of color. This is what gives the fiber its lively "color in motion" quality. The effect can be like watching light dance off the surface of water.

Forty-one Colors Available:

We've attempted to photograph the Angelina, but the nature of this highly reflective fiber is such that, even if we could capture a good image, there is no way that a computer monitor could display the brilliant sparkles of light; even truly accurate color rendition hasn't been possible for us. These images only give the faintest impression of what Angelina actually looks like, and are meant for reference only. This is truly a "must see to appreciate" situation!

Kits Available.

Original 26 colors. The easiest way to describe this is to note that it contains all colors except what are in the 15-color kit. Currently, this kit contains the non-heat-bondable form of the four Crystal colors.1/4 ounce per color.

15-Color Supplement. The 6 Flourescent colors, the  6 Electric colors, Gold Iris Mix, Copper Metal and Aluminum Metal.1/4 ounce per color.

Heat Bond Kit. 1/2 ounce each of all 20 Heat Bondable Colors. For a list, see the Fibers page,


Butterfly Blue Flash -
Blue/teal sparkles of color on a dark grey base.

Peacock Green Flash -
The name says it all! The base is a dark grey.

Purple Flash -
on a medium grey base.

Enchanted Forest Flash -
Green, gold, fire-like sparkles; brown base.

Opal Sparkle -
Green, gold and red sparkles on an ice blue base.

Desert Sunset Sparkle -
Vivid sunset pink, with blue and violet sparkles.

Crystal Amethyst -
Purple sparkles on a clear base.

Crystal Aurora Borealis -
Green, red and gold flashes on a clear base.

Crystal Mother-of-Pearl -
Blue-violet sparkles on a clear base.

Crystal Green Lightning -
Green and Gold on a clear base.

Lemon Sparkle -
Gold, Red and Green sparkles.

Raspberry Sparkle -
Gold, Red and Green sparkles.

Mint Sparkle -
Gold, Red and Green sparkles.

Gold Iris Mix -
Gold with Iris Sparkles - Wow.

Ice Sparkle
- Clear Sparkles!

Watermelon Fluorescent -
Green and Orange on a fluorescent orange-pink base.

Citronella Fluorescent -
green and Orange on a fluorescent yellow base.

Key Lime Fluorescent -
Green sparkles on a fluorescent lime green base.

Cotton Candy Fluorescent -
Pink, Purple and Blue on a hot pink base.

Calypso Blue Fluorescent -
Purple sparkles on a fluorescent purple base.

Sugar Plum Fluorescent -
Purple and Pink sparkles on a fluorescent plum base.




Silver Hologram -
An incredible shower of multi-colored sparkles.

Marcasite Flash -
Silvery reflections on a dark grey/black base.

Copper Flash -
Coppery flashes on a
brown/black base.


Silver Flash
- Pure dazzle!

Gold Flash -
A warm rose gold glow.

Turquoise Flash -

Red Wing Flash -
True red metallic.

Royal Flash -
Deep blue-purple metallic.

Fuchsia Flash -
Bright and bold!

Emerald Flash
- rich and brilliant!

Brass Flash -
Bright brass metallic.

Onyx Flash -
Deep Black Sparkles!


Pink Electric
- Hot Pink, with an orange tone!

Magenta Electric -
Hot Pink!

Yellow Electric -
Acid Yellow!

Orange Electric
- Bright Orange!

Lime Electric -
Acid Chartreuse.

Blue Electric -
Shocking Blue!



100% Aluminum Metal

100% Copper Metal


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